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workbooks, planners and tools for wedding pros

It's like Netflix for your business. But better.

Join me live each month for a strategic workshop to help you get things done in your business on topics like client experience, business operations, workflow recipes, mindset, business planning and so much more

Plus, in addition to the live workshop, you get three new templates monthly to use in your business  so you can  work efficiently and productively.

Most coaches charge anywhere between $297 – $497 per month for this kind of value.

But I decided to create a membership of live coaching and templates every wedding pro can afford for just $9 a month.

Let me guess-- you've already...

Whew! aren't you tired?

You find yourself exhausted trying to work in the business, instead of on the business... 
with nothing to show for it. You can keep doing that...

Or, you can join me and other wedding pros to get usable education you can implement 
right now

And elevate your business with creative, innovative templates and planners

here’s what happens when you do that:

Hi there. I'm the coach on your wedding business' Christmas list.


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When I started my wedding planning business, clients and vendors a like thought I had a full team behind me from my client and business documents, as well as my processes. I was doing great booking high end, big budget weddings and wanted more...

Then I got sidetracked.

I got distracted by a lot of shiny objects– new systems, social media and more that grabbed my attention, money …and time. 


It left me feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and frustrated.

After buying courses and coaching that ranged from
$27 to $10,000-- I realized two things...


I had a collection of education but nothing to show for it because I was spending more time learning than actually doing. 


I still didn’t have the tools needed to get where I wanted to be.

And that's when I finally got it...
I needed to focus on one thing a time and go back to building
my own collection of client and brand processes to get where I needed to be. they're all yours

workbooks, planners and tools for wedding pros

I've gravitated from wedding planner to speaker to industry educator
and have been able to use the resources and tools from my almost
decades of experience to elevate the business of over 4000
wedding professionals--
helping them sell better, make more, and work smarter NOT harder.


Wedding Pro Workshop

The membership for wedding pros who want to learn and work their businesses without spending a ton of time and money.

Perfect for the new, veteran and reinventing wedding professional.

When you join Wedding Pro Workshop

You get everything you need to build and grow
a successful wedding business fast.

You'll get access to:

here's a peek of what's inside...

...with more on the way

Wedding Pro Workshop is for four types of people...


The new wedding pro just starting out who wants to learn and grow their business…the right way. 


The pro who needs to shake up their processes and experience to stay ahead of the competition 


The busy wedding pro who is always on the go and doesn’t have a lot of time to sit through courses or create their own templates.


The budget minded pro is looking to operate lean and keep their expenses low while still having access to high quality resources at the fraction of the cost of traditional workshops and templates. 

Do one of these sound like you? If so, come on in!

Join Wedding Pro Workshop

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours
to have a successful wedding business that serves your dream clients.

Screenshot 2023-05-01 at 2.37.49 PM

Get niche education where you learn and work alongside pros just like you and leave with tools and strategies in place to help you attract your ideal client, operate more efficiently and create inspired, irresistible services

You're still thinking...

I have bought every course, bundle, summit and conference.
How is this going to be different?

I'll tell you how:

I swear by my teachings and tools.
They are the same processes and tools I used to grow my
six figure wedding business.

I want the same for you too!

Go from overwhelmed and frustrated to being laser focused on specific elements of your business with actual results

Stop spending hours creating or wishing for things you need to be the in-demand wedding pro you want to be and use the vault of templates, workbooks and planners to create unforgettable brand experiences.

No longer go at it alone and work and learn alongside other pros: develop relationships, build networks for future collaborations and get feedback and inspiration from other pros just like you


Is the membership *really* only $9?  What’s the catch?

Yes, and there isn’t one. 

Building your business is hard enough.  I’ve made Wedding Pro Workshop to be an affordable investment in your future because I’m convinced these templates and sessions are so transformative and important that everyone that wants them should have access to them.


I’m new.  Will this work for me?

Yes! It’s the perfect way to learn while building your business– you’ll avoid costly mistakes, get experienced processes and tools to

work with future clients. 


I am an experienced pro.  Why will this do for me?

Wedding Pro Workshop will provide you with resources, tools, planners and workbooks as well as community to help you

perfect the wonderful brand you’ve already created. 


Can I wait to join?

Absolutely. The price may increase, though. 


Does the library of templates grow?

Sure does. It’s inspired by pros like you.  The comprehensive and detailed nature of the content 

paired with the robust and engaging workshops mean you don’t have to seek additional resources to achieve your goals. 


How long do I have access?

You get access to the templates and workshops as long as you are a member. You can cancel at anytime. 


How much support is there?

While each month’s workshop is built around a specific topic, you can move at your own pace to get what you need.  

There’s always helpful tips and suggestions for each month’s template drop.  Templates are created in Canva which has a robust support library. You’ll also benefit from the community feedback, ideas and answers in the Wedding Pro Workshop Facebook group.  

VIP members get 2 group coaching calls per month. 


What kind of content is included?

You get the best of both worlds with Wedding Pro Workshop.  

The templates are practical and hands on, so you will get to make them yours quickly and easily.

At the workshops, you’ll learn and work alongside me on a specific goal each month, allowing you a deeper

understanding of the topic and be able to apply it in various areas of our business. 


Does this only work for wedding planners?

No, it’s built for all wedding pros, which makes the community so diverse and knowledgeable– a true asset to making your business well rounded with this phenomenal brain trust. 


I’m not tech savvy.  Can I use this?

Of course! This is very beginner and budget friendly, using tools you’re already familiar with. 


I’m already a member of Hustle & Co. How is this different?

Wedding Pro Workshop provides live workshops and new template drops each month use in your business.

But here’s where it gets good– if you’re a member of Hustle & Co., you get Wedding Pro Workshop for free.


Can I buy the templates individually?

Presently, no.


Can I cancel?

Yes, at any time.