The secret to making more money in the wedding industry

Even if you’re new or an industry vet!


Pricing Guides and Calculators For Wedding Pros

Pricing Guides & Calculators for Wedding Pros


Valued at over $300

Normally $77


does this sound familar?

You’ve been in business for a bit and though you love what you do…

it’s not bringing in as much as you want.

Why guessing at your pricing or secret shopping your competition is only going to leave you broke, busted and disgusted

You study the pretty pictures on Instagram…

Listen to the advice on Clubhouse…

Sit in on every webinar…


you don’t know what’s going on with your pricing…

Defining your pricing to project a profit in your wedding business

You just don’t know how to get it to where you can make money and love what you do.

in fact…

You’re hesitant to even raise your pricing.

No one else is charging what you’re thinking. 

What if nobody books?

What if your competition starts undercutting you?

What if the calls stop?

Get Your Pricing Right in your wedding business TODAY

So then you start thinking that discounts will surely help. 

Everyone loves a sale, right?

A “special”  will help you get your foot in the door

or at least get some events on the books

which will eventually help you book more, right?




Discounts, specials, or whatever lies you’re telling yourself only teach clients that you’ll do more work for less money.


Undercharging creates animosity amongst your peers and can have a detrimental effect on your entire local industry.


Blindly matching pricing costs you more if you’re not doing the exact same service. You could end up paying with your time.

And you know what makes discounting yourself even worse? 

You are actually turning OFF your ideal client who would actually PAY your asking price

…or maybe even more!

Dream Wedding Venue couple

I was the same way.

Once upon a time, I was like so many wedding pros who priced themselves to make money.

ANY money. 

I felt like I couldn’t afford to lose any clients by making any changes. 

What I REALLY did was pigeonholed myself into a certain bracket and market,

which took almost twice as long to get out.  

your instructor

TERRICA Wedding Industry Educator


Over the past 18 years I’ve been the head of my wedding planning company.

I started out 600 miles away from home with zero experience, and have built an empire that has brought in close to $19M of wedding and event revenue in my area during my time here.

My problem was that I was not getting a huge chunk of that money because I was not pricing my services properly. Everyone else was making money except me.


Today, my business runs like a well-oiled machine that is pretty and profitable.

When I spent months planning and almost 18 hours on a wedding day

slaving for what amounted to be mere pennies!

 I was done. 

after a brutal wedding hangover

the next day, I changed everything.

When I designed amazing services for my clients,

I also designed an amazing price tag to go with it

so they could see the value in what I offered.

That price tag was a calling card for the vendors, venues, and clients I wanted to work with.

with my system, I raised my prices 75% and I doubled my retainer rate. 

And you know what?

No one batted an eye. 

YES! I Want to Make More Money This Season!

what’s inside?


Service Collection Hours Calculator


This important calculator helps you really know how much time you put into your services.

Hourly Rate Calculator


This calculator transforms your income goals into solid figures for your hourly rate.

Expense Calculator


This calculator helps you track every penny it takes to make your business work.

Expense Based Rate Calculator


This calculator provides you with an alternative pricing method if you would rather mark up your services.

Savings Calculator


This calculator helps you create realistic methods to save for your business. 


All Calculators are instantly accessible with Google Sheets!

Pricing Guides and Calculators For Wedding Pros

Pricing Guides & Calculators for Wedding Pros


Valued at over $300

Normally $77



the bonuses

The Discount Guide ($37 Value)

How to approach discounts and sales when you’re considering changing your pricing.

Know Your Numbers Checklist ($27 Value)

Make sure you know everything it takes to run your business so you can get paid big business money.

Apps to Help Your Bottom Line ($27 Value)

An arsenal of apps to help keep your business in the black.

think about it…

You could have your new pricing tonight.

The additional money you could be making by acting fast makes this a no-brainer.

Here’s What Wedding Pros Are REALLY Saying

Are you ready to start making more money for your amazing services?

I'm Ready To Charge My Worth

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t a huge time demand to use A Hustle Not A Hobby, nor do you need to know how to work different softwares. In a little under an hour, you can be on your way to pricing that reflects your true value as well as a road map to meet your business income and savings goals

You can implement your new pricing today— as soon as you get your next lead, you can provide your new rates to lead to more profit. 

Absolutely.  This method and system will help you examine if your pricing works for your goals and overhead.  These guides will allow you to constantly do checks to make sure your pricing is always in line with your market and services you offer. 

Without a doubt. Your pricing is just as important as your services and your branding. Having correct pricing at the start of your business ensures that you are always bringing in profit and charging your worth.

Definitely. If you provide any service or product in the wedding industry, A Hustle Not A Hobby will work for you. The methods will help you determine your pricing based on your hourly rate or expenses, so you can find what works best for you.

If you’ve purchased Hustle Sold Separately, then you know you’re in for a treat. A Hustle Not A Hobby takes the same nuanced education of spreadsheets, video guides and checklists to help you learn and implement quickly and efficiently.

Not at all. Everything is provided in Google Sheets for you to keep FOREVER in your own Drive or in PDFs with work with your standard document viewers.

No. Other pricing guides use generic figures and long boring eBooks to explain what a Hustle Not A Hobby shows you instantly. The special calculations in A Hustle Not A Hobby help you break down your business’ finances in terms that make dollars and sense.

Yep. You’ll get your keys to HustleQuarters right after your purchase.

In the words of Cardi B: FOREVA.

Uh, I’d rather you didn’t. What you can do is tell your friend how amazing it is and what it has done for you and send them this link to get their own, with my heartfelt thanks.

Yes! You can save the PDFs and calculators to your Google Drive for offline viewing.

That is going to be totally up to you. What I can tell you is that A Hustle Not A Hobby will identify areas where you can make more money, save more money and cut expenses to keep more money.

Sure do. You might even know some of them. Check out the testimonials to see what other wedding pros like you have to say about using A Hustle Not A Hobby.

Pricing Guides and Calculators For Wedding Pros

Pricing Guides & Calculators for Wedding Pros


Valued at over $300


Finally figure out your pricing to profit in your wedding business.


Time is of the essence.

Every second, every day, every event you are not charging your full worth based on your process, experience, and market…

you are losing money.

The faster you get started, the faster you put your wedding business on the path to profitable growth. 

So, is your wedding business--
A HUSTLE or a hobby?

The upcoming season could be not only your best season…

it could be your most profitable season.

Your new pricing is going to set your business apart

AND give you the freedom to make big moves in your brand and your life.

Most of all,

I am so excited that you are standing up for yourself and your brand.

Knowing your value protects you from having to prove it.

You’re taking the first step to charging what you’re worth for your amazing service!

I Need This In My Business!

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