Introducing the VIP Membership Experience that will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you

Going it ALONE in the Wedding Business can be HARD.

Where is the FUN in that anyway?

Hey there! It’s Terrica. 

I’m about to open the doors to an exclusive new VIP MEMBERS community I’ve created for WEDDING PROS just like YOU!

I know you’ve got a few questions, so let’s answer them!

TERRICA Wedding Industry Educator

if I see one more membership...

OK. What's THIS Community All About?







get S*!t done

Fun combined with TIME TO WORK!

HCO Goal Party

We all need DIRECTION and GOALS to aim for, so before you get that hustle in, we’re having 1 Live Goal Setting Session per month to get clear on what you’re working for.

HCO Cowerk

Hustle & Co is all about having a good time, but you know we’ve gotta get to WORK! Mark your calendars. 

We don’t call it HUSTLE & Co for nothing!

We’re gonna get that work done together, with group coworking sessions each and every month. 

online social events

Think... FUN
Interactive Learning & Networking

Let’s face it. Trying to learn those important systems can get dry and boring.

but not when you’re part of the Hustle & Co LIVE SYSTEMS BRUNCH! 

Yeah you heard me, Systems BRUNCH. 

As in; pull up your chair, your toast, your mimosa or quad shot latte, and let’s get your systems in order!

We AAALLL know how those clients can be sometimes! 

If you need support, have questions, or just want to talk about it, your Hustle & Co network is here for you! 

Every month you can join us for social night (AKA “Cocktails & Clients”) to kick back with your favorite bev, network and get that social support you NEED.

don't forget your

hustle kit

Delivered to your email every month!

what's inside?


it's lonely out there...

Step into the PRIVATE VIP Facebook Group
Get support & network with other Wedding Pros 24/7!

Get helpful PROMPTS and REMINDERS to join group PRODUCTIVITY and EDUCATION events.

H&Co Movie Nights

Stay FOCUSED with motivational TOOLS & SUPPORT! We are all in this beautiful industry TOGETHER.

H&Co Game Night

WHO's Behind All This?

Maintaining a deep connection to her peers under the premise of “each one, teach one”, TERRICA created the largest and most diverse online community for wedding planners and designers– bringing together the best and brightest from every corner of the globe for collaboration and connection. She is extremely passionate about elevating and encouraging female entrepreneurs.

With over fourteen years in the wedding industry, award winning wedding planner and designer Terrica Skaggs has been creating exquisite weddings and events in the Golden Isles. As the Chief Wedding Planner and Designer of Cocktails & Details®, she leads a team of talented wedding planners and event managers in creating unforgettable destination Southern weddings. She also launched The White Lounge, an intimate wedding planning studio in Historic Downtown Brunswick that brings couples and wedding professionals together.



A featured expert for many TV, print and digital publications, she is known for keeping her finger on the pulse of all wedding and business trends. Traveling across the States and internationally, shares her breadth of knowledge at both national and regional wedding industry conferences and groups, with this year being named a 2019 Knot Pro Educator. Her speaking engagements are always highly anticipated as she is known for her humorous, yet blunt down-to-earth approach. Terrica uses her experience and knowledge of the wedding industry to translate real-life concepts into workable business models.

Wedding Business coach conference speaker mentor

What Colleagues & Students Have To Say:

"Not only is she an amazingly talented wedding planner and designer, but she's also always going above and beyond to give back to her industry. (Terrica) holds nothing back. She truly believes in preparing you for the good, the bad, and everything in-between with this industry.
"So let me just say you are totally my fabulous fairy godmother. My business is really growing and it really wouldn’t be this way without you! "
"In getting a glimpse into how Terrica does business, I saw that I immediately clicked with her, and appreciated the very generous tips and gems she shared up front. I knew that was the type of business leadership I wanted to emulate and was so happy to join her community."

real expert education

Did we mention you get access to MASTERCLASSES

Take part in EXCLUSIVE VIP Masterclasses, with some of the hottest stars in our WEDDING INDUSTRY! 

Here are just a few of our UPCOMING TOPICS

Luxury Weddings HUSTLE & CO
Design HUSTLE & CO
Social Media HUSTLE & CO
Engagement Season HUSTLE & CO
Branding HUSTLE & CO

questions ?


One you register, you will get access to the login page of the VIP membership site. Here you can login to view the content anytime while your membership is active.

Absolutely! If you’re not sure where to start, the masterclasses will give you insight from industry experts. Plus you get access to a network of other wedding pros in the group.

As long as your membership is active, you will have access to all the current and past masterclasses, the pro resource library, and all the content inside Hustle & Co.

No! This membership is designed for anybody working in the wedding, event, or party planning industries. That could be Planners, Designers, Caterers, Florists, Bakers, Culinary Pros, Bartenders, Venue managers, Coordinators, and really anybody providing a product or service to the wedding or event industries.

Once you sign up, you will setup your payment method of choice for monthly billing. You will see your membership fee go through every month on the same date. Annual billing will be available soon. 

You’re not locked in to any contract. If you want to cancel, you can do so anytime.

NOTE; there are no refunds or partial refunds on membership payments already made. This includes annual membership payments. You can choose not to renew on your anniversary of payment. 

Let us know you want to cancel and we’ll make sure no further payments go through.

Once you’re registered, you will be given the details on where to contact support via email. You can also reach out to any of the Hustle & Co Admin support anytime. We will all be happy to assist you with your needs!

There are 4 LIVE online events every month! (Group Coworking / Goal Planning Parties / Business Systems Brunch / Cocktails & Clients Social Night)

You are welcome to join us for those, but if you can’t make it, some of these will have recordings to access.

NOTE: Expert Masterclasses may be recorded video or audio, but they will be packed with information and extra resources which come to you in your Monthly HUSTLE KIT! 

okay... how much?

What Is The Investment

Each month you will get...

All this for...


what ?! I know.

What's Even Better?

Our Limited Time 12 Month Option

(Only $27.75 per month!)

Join Us For Only


where's the hustle sugar??

We've got AMAZING BONUSES you can earn every month!

We make it FUN with EP! 


Earn extra bonuses, prizes, and actionable tools & lessons with points when you complete Modules!

Basically, we love to reward Hustlers for doing the work to grow their own business!

are you ready for this?


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