After the Black Square, the posts, the hashtags…

 How Can You take action for lasting diversity in the Wedding Industry?

After The Talk | Saying I DO To Diversity In The Wedding Industry

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After this last tumultuous month and a myriad of webinars, 

many of you are left asking… 

“Okay, now what?”⁣

Maintaining the momentum and keeping our eyes on the goal of 

diversifying the wedding industry is more than just ideal. 


It’s crucial and urgent.⁣

hey, it’s terrica

I want to invite you to join me and Eliana Baucicault of the B Collective platform and magazine, for this crucially important masterclass with resources, templates and guides to start making a difference with your voice right now.

Eliana Baucicault The B Collective

eliana baucicault

In this class we guide you through the essential steps to go beyond the black squares and hashtags to do the necessary work to make an equitable wedding industry for the long-term.⁣

Our current events have permeated our social media feeds, news cycles and personal lives.

As such it has revealed the dark underbelly that has existed in this industry for some time.

A space where some don’t like to talk about it or acknowledge its existence. ⁣

Because of silence and inaction, it grows. ⁣

Time’s Up.⁣

how will you go beyond  the Black Square?

I hope you will join Eliana and I as we tackle the hard questions,

experiences and future of race in the wedding industry

while guiding you to the steps to truly make a difference

After The Talk Wedding Pro Masterclass & Guide

Get The Masterclass, Template & Resource Bundle 


With this in-depth Masterclass, we give you the Resources, Templates, and Guides 

to take action with your wedding business RIGHT NOW.


what you can expect

with these bonuses

what you will learn

  • Why context is important
  • How to make amends and affect change
  • Ways to support, show up and be accountable
  • Changes you can make in your business right now to disrupt the status quo

with “After The Talk”…


Say “I DO” to promoting diversity in the Wedding Industry

Take Anti-Racist action with your business

Become an advocate for positive change

and you support Female Black-Owned Businesses

After The Talk Wedding Pro Masterclass & Guide

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