Show Your Solidarity

Grab your #unitythroughcommunity solidarity badge to show your commitment to make the wedding industry more diverse and inclusive.

The Unity Through Community Creed

Use of this graphic, paired with the hashtag #unitythroughcommunity, serves as a visual commitment that as a member of the wedding community, you are actively working to:

  • Rid the wedding industry of racism, prejudice and bias

  • Support, promote and purchase from  creatives of all backgrounds

  • Diversify your followers

  • Diversify your network

  • Diversify your clientele

  • Diversify the industry’s educational platforms

  • Commit to being accountable and holding each other accountable

  • Place on your sites, email signatures, instagram profiles, posts, etc., to let clients and colleagues know that your brand is a safe space and an ally. 

Special thanks and credit for their help in in this labor of love to Bron Hansboro, CeCe Todd and Tammy Fleuch.