transform & recharge
your business
in less than 60 days

with the in-depth course & mentorship
for wedding pros

You want a dynamic brand that
Runs like a well oiled machine.
to Get paid your value & work with the clients you love....but

wedding industry educator and speaker

Do any of these sound familiar?...

Your brand needs a makeover to reflect not only who you are, but the value you offer 

Your business grew too fast and you haven’t had the time to fine tune your processes

You need to filter out your prospects to get the clients and events you want


You know the frustrations of being a Creative in THE Wedding Industry.

You're tired of just getting by and going nowhere fast.

You want to stand out in your saturated market.

You HAVE to make this work.

What if you could...

  • Give your BRAND and your MINDSET an OVERHAUL?
  • Have more SATISFACTION from getting clients that energize and inspire you?
  • Boost your brand RECOGNITION
  • Position YOURSELF as the GO-TO EXPERT in your area?
  • Work with more EFFICIENCY, incorporating SYSTEMS to do the heavy lifting?



6 in-depth modules TRANSFORMATIONAL Online course


This self-paced 6 module online course is designed to help you transform your wedding business authentically– while creating efficient processes and curated brand image to get you noticed and PAID. 

One on one wedding business consulting coach branding

what you'll do

who is your teacher?

with over 17 years in the wedding industry as chief planner
and designer of luxury planning business; Cocktails & Details.

what you'll learn


MODULE 2: at your service

wedding business mentor coach online course

MODULE 3: all systems go

MODULE 4: image is everything

MODULE 5: birds of a feather

Figuring out your fees wedding planner

MODULE 6: the client experience

Wedding Industry Business Coach

limited time bonuses


50% off ROCK PAPER COIN! ($125 Value

Streamline your business processes of contracts and billing-- all in one easy to use interface with Rock Paper Coin.

creative resource guide ($250 value)

Everything you need from design resources to systems, this guide will steer you in the right direction and help you enhance your brand and services

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

what you'll gain. . .

  • With one successful booking, you’ll have paid for this program and have a system in place for each engagement season
  •  You will have a brand identity profile you’ll reference to keep your copy, images and social media in alignment 
  • You will position yourself as an expert in your field, showcasing your talents and authority in your field

what you'll save. . .

  • TIME – You will save time by creating a framework for your business that is efficient and repeatable, allowing you to scale your business properly and giving your clients security of what to expect
  • ENERGY – You will save energy from avoiding the “Client Thirst Trap” in chasing clients that are your target client, saving your effort for those that want to work with you
  • MONEY – You will save money by not having to pay for expensive coaches or workshops that don’t fit your specific need
TERRICA Wedding Industry Educator

ready to run the world with someone
who has taught
hundreds of wedding pros

Hey, i'm terrica. . .

Each year, I travel around the globe meeting and teaching wedding professionals real world concepts to make money and build their brands

I don’t believe in fluff.

I don’t believe in hiding behind “pretty”.

I believe in in showing up and showing off

I started my wedding planning company 13 years ago with zero contacts, zero referrals and zero experience. With my techniques, I started working at my area’s most prestigious venues.  

I’m committed to helping wedding professionals like you discover your passion and voice– creating a brand that is unstoppable, irresistible and sustainable.  



ready to DOMINATE wedding SEASON?

Frequently Asked Questions / statements

You can definitely be successful with this program.  You can avoid costly mistakes as well as benefit from the community of other experienced wedding pros. Here’s what we cover that will help you specifically:

  • Finding your brand voice / style
  • Setting a proper framework to run your business
  • Learning how to match yourself with successful professional relationships

Let’s bring you back from the brink of burnout and frustration and back to your WHY.  Get inspired as you revamp and recharge your brand with new techniques and game plans.

This bootcamp is being offered live right now to help you capitalize on two things: the influx of newly engaged couples in the season and the momentum of your peers. Ask yourself: if you wait any longer will what you want to do still be relevant or will your competition have already booked your clients?

Your investment dollars are very important– you want to make sure that you see a return on what you’ve put in to your education. Run Engagement Season has been modestly priced and even has payment plans to help those who are committed and need a little help.  As you take that into consideration, think of where your business is right now and if you can afford to stay there.  With one booking, you’ll have paid your tuition for the bootcamp and have a framework for the future.  You can do this.

You’ll enjoy being a part of a learning system where you will have coaching and accountability with your lessons. Because this is an actionable system, you will implement as we go. You’re not left with troves of information and no clue as to how to proceed.

Fabulous. Congrats! This is only one part of what you need to have a successful engagement season. As pretty as it may be, it does nothing for your back office workflow nor does it provide a blueprint for your brand. Run Engagement Season will help you curate the brand and its framework to put your website to better use.

Mazel tov. It takes hard work to build up a consistent following, so you’ve achieved something great. Having engaged followers is key because likes don’t buy.   Instagram is a wonderful way to consistently share work and brand with potential clients. Here Comes the Brand makes sure you’re putting forth your best image and taking advantage of potential opportunities. 

That’s great!  If you’re booked for next season, you want to make sure you stay that way, right? Here Comes the Brand will help you establish a custom framework that will help you scale your business. If you’re working twice as hard for less pay, does it pay to be busy? You’ll also learn the difference between being busy vs. being productive and profitable. 

No worries!  Lessons are recorded and stored for your review. You’ll be able to catch up and work at your own pace.


Your business has been waiting
for you to take things to the next level.

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