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7 Steps To Yes Sales Mastery for Wedding Pros

Elevate Your Service Presentation Techniques and Take Your Sales to the Next Level

a Self-Paced Course

for wedding pros

Create Service Proposals Wedding Couples Can’t Resist!

"Thank you, but we've chosen someone else..."

Sound Familiar?

Perhaps you are completely over having to explain your value and why it is worth every cent that you charge.

Rejection?... been there.

Oversell & Underpriced?... yep, did that too

Closing a deal with a client can be tough.

You are always competing with other professionals.

Your value is constantly being questioned.

This will keep happening unless…

You learn how to present yourself and your services.

You might be thinking…

But I’m just not a salesperson. I don’t want to have to push every client.

I  get  that  too

You got in the business because you ENJOY planning celebrations and working with people.

You want your clients to feel COMFORTABLE and know they made the right choice.

not steamrolled

You don’t have to be an aggressive salesperson

OR have the cheapest services. 

You just have to be you.

The one secret to a successful proposal…

to standing out…

booking more clients…

and selling more of your premium services is…


Your story & theirs.

I figured it out when…

I realized my sales process needed a major overhaul.

I had a calendar suffering from snow blindness (i.e. completely BLANK).

It made me question everything I did.

Did I not have the right connections? 

Was my brand was out of touch?

Did potential clients just not like me?


How were all these other companies getting weddings and I wasn’t?

I tried all the traditional methods. They didn’t work and I was super frustrated.

I finally relaxed and just started having authentic conversations with my potential clients.

As they talked, I listened and was able to make major connections from their stories to my services.

This changed everything.

I went from booking every now and then to…

Booking almost every single couple that contacted us.

 And not just book them but book them for Premium Services.

Each year, I traveled around the country teaching my concepts on irresistible service proposals to wedding pros just like you.

I share my story and real life examples of what helped me get to an 85% CLOSE RATE each month with our leads.

I'm going to teach you the same thing.


Booking more clients & selling more Premium Services

Without having to sacrifice your integrity

or the integrity or your brand.

You’ll learn how & get the tools to do it



"The questionnaire portion alone made me such a better planner and enhanced the way I served my clients. Using the proposal techniques, my last 3 clients purchased the largest collection and two of them added the upsell. "
Wedding industry speaker and educator for wedding planners
Giselle P.
Terrica Wedding Industry Educator

Your instructor


With over eighteen years in the wedding industry, award winning wedding planner and designer Terrica Skaggs has been creating exquisite weddings and events in the Golden Isles. As the Chief Wedding Planner and Designer of Cocktails & Details®, she leads a team of talented wedding planners and event managers in creating unforgettable destination Southern weddings. She also launched The White Lounge, an intimate wedding planning studio in Historic Downtown Brunswick that brings couples and wedding professionals together.

A featured expert for many TV, print and digital publications, she is known for keeping her finger on the pulse of all wedding and business trends. Traveling across the States and internationally, shares her breadth of knowledge at both national and regional wedding industry conferences and groups, with this year being named a 2019 Knot Pro Educator. Her speaking engagements are always highly anticipated as she is known for her humorous, yet blunt down-to-earth approach. Terrica uses her experience and knowledge of the wedding industry to translate real-life concepts into workable business models

learn how to elevate your entire sales process with

The 7 Steps To YES! Self Paced Sales Course for Wedding Pros

a Self-Paced Course

for wedding pros

Create Service Proposals Wedding Couples Can’t Resist!





7 CORE VIDEO LESSONS PLUS Additional Guides, Worksheets & BONUS Resources.

step 1


Your contact form and inquiry workflow are a vital part of your proposal process. Here you’ll learn how to set these up and why these are important.

step 2


Knowing your clients’ needs from the start gives you a better idea of how you can help them. Here you’ll learn how to build perfect client focused questionnaire and intake forms to get the pertinent information you need to create your proposal.

step 3


Show your brand and work style for all of your services. Here we will craft comprehensive proposal templates for all of your services to consist of essential elements that are reflective of your brand and work style.

step 4


Make proposals irresistible by bringing your services and vision to life. Here you’ll become proficient in “storySelling” creating immersive proposal experiences to allow clients to see themselves in the vision you craft, making your proposal irresistible.

step 5


Don’t leave any of your services behind. Here you’ll learn how to effectively present your signature service details in a way that will show your future clients you can fill all of their needs.

step 6


Show them your worth every penny by putting your experience on display. Here I’ll show how to showcase your expertise in wedding planning with auxiliary information to support your proposal.

step 7


Make booking with you a breeze. Here you’ll learn new techniques and system tweeks to make booking and paying for your services easy for your clients.


extra bonuses


Conversation Prompts for Consults

Email Template Library

Negotiations & Objections Workbook

App software discount rates

new bonus guide

My guide to understanding buying signals from your potential clients and profiting from your online data.


additional video lessons

Including a full lesson on my Signature Sales System I call
"The R.I.D.E Method"




Ready To Master Your Proposals & Streamline Your Entire Sales Process?

This course will teach you everything you need to know about presenting your services in an effective and relatable way to increase the number of wedding couples you book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s great to hear! But what if you could do better? 7 Steps to Yes will help you fine tune several aspects of your sales process. You learn how to book faster, sell your premium services and upsell on top of that!

No! 7 Steps to Yes is focused on two things: you and your client. As opposed to teaching obsolete, cringeworthy sales techniques, the program helps you build on and perfect what you have. Showing you new ways to present and connect, you’ll be able to approach your sales process in an authentic and relatable way.

The program is filled with actual, real-life examples to help you understand the process.  Additional worksheets, resources, and guides are also included in the coursework to supplement your learning.

The great thing about 7 Steps to Yes is that it’s a self paced, online program. You can do as much as your schedule will allow. You’ll have access to the course and materials to help you complete the program on your timetable. 

In addition to the in depth videos and coursework, 7 Steps just doesn’t drop you off upon program completion.  It supplies you with additional resources and systems to help you carry out your new proposal process. Inclusion in the online mastermind group provides additional support, feedback and education to help you as you continue to elevate your business.

As absolutely no stranger to scarcity and financial uncertainty, I completely understand.


But let me ask you a very honest and valid question– Can you or your business afford  not to take this course?  Something isn’t working, so let’s fix it! If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been getting the results you want (ie., more clients on your books), what do you have  to lose in trying something new? The program is priced that you could make your money back with your first approved proposal created using the new techniques.


"The Mother of the Bride was so impressed with my proposal she not only booked on the spot, she also sent my information to her best friend's daughter, who also booked!"
Wedding industry speaker and educator for wedding planners
amanda C.

Start booking more of your premium services now!

The 7 Steps To YES! Self Paced Sales Course for Wedding Pros

You Get Instant Access To...


Contact form & inquiry steps


Your Questionnaire


Proposal Building




Your Services


Expert Info


Booking & The Upsell


My Canva Proposal Template and these extra BONUSES


Negotiations & Objections Guide




Craft proposals that get more couples saying “I do” to your services

7 Steps To Yes Sales Mastery for Wedding Pros

Elevate Your Service Presentation Techniques and Take Your Sales to the Next Level

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